Experience Haiti

Do you have an interest in a mission trip to Haiti? We know that it will be an experience that you will never forget.

Below are a few general details of our trip, how to prepare, and the steps leading up to the trip? Spots are limited!

Date: Trip-First week of July
Cost: $1,200-1,500

Includes the following:

Meals while in Haiti
Case of water
Contribution towards mission project

We have a schedule of when funds are due to reserve your spot. Once you pay your first payment your spot is reserved. info@kanpehaiti.org.

All funds except for administration fee are refundable until we purchase tickets. Once tickets are purchased the administration fee and ticket cost is nonrefundable. We will notify you before tickets are purchased.

Passport: If you do not have a passport, please start working on that now. If you do have a passport make sure that it has not expired.

Vaccinations: It is not required for you to have vaccinations in order to enter into Haiti. We have had some in the past who did get the shots and some who didn’t. It is strictly up to you and what you decide. This is optional and you can visit this website to find out more information: http://travelreadymd.com/which-travel-immunizations-do-you-need-for-haiti/

Since the trip is limited on the number of people that can go, we will have a cutoff. Therefore you will be required to reserve your spot in order to guarantee it. To reserve your spot you will need to submit a check/money order made out to KanpeHaiti in the amount of $300 with a copy of your passport and the following information: address, phone number, birthday, emergency contact and email address. Once you have reserved your spot you will receive an email of further deadlines for deposits, plane tickets, etc.

Some things that you will need for the trip are as follows:

Bug spray
Fan w/ batteries (find in camping section)
Snacks (i.e. peanut butter crackers)
Towels and washcloths
Hygiene products (soap, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush)
Baby wipes / cleaning wipes
Toilet Paper
Clothing (shorts, tank tops, sundresses, sandals, tennis shoes, hats)
Small pillow, sheet/blanket

More details of the trip to come but will include (subject to change):
• A visit to the prayer mountain
• Visit in one of the valley areas that was hit hard by hurricane Matthew
• Conduct kids and youth activities
• Tour parts of Haiti and visit an historical museum in Port-au-Prince
• Conduct a group project

I hope you found this to be informative in making the decision if this mission trip is something you definitely would like to attend. Reminder that it is a mission’s trip and not a vacation, so being comfortable or getting a good night sleep may not always be the case, but it is a great experience and you will enjoy it. Again, thank you for your interest and we hope to hear from you soon.